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Katie moved to Fort McMurray from New Brunswick with her parents in 1998.  She met her husband Tony at the age of 14 and they married one year after Katie graduated from Father Patrick Mercredi High School.  It was in the early years of adulthood that Katie started to work in the bookkeeping field and quickly realised this was what she wanted to as her career.  She began building her home business on the side slowly while working full-time for a local Aboriginal non-profit group that promoted entrepreneurship and business connections.

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Working with so many local businesses during that time inspired her and fueled her ambitions even more. After a couple years of  juggling both careers, Katie was able to go  full-time on her own.  Since then, she has had two beautiful girls, and also went back to school to get her certifications to support her years of self-taught experience.  Her years of sustainable work have not come without its challenges. Learning to grow your business successfully and wisely with all the hardships that come with it is a something that Katie quickly realised is not for the faint of heart. She learned that in order to see success and growth you have to be willing to push yourself past all the roadblocks that come your way, and learn from every situation as an opportunity gain growth and wisdom. Katie’s strong faith and the support from her family have been pillars to her success;  always encouraging her to be confident in her abilities and push for her dreams.


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